Francine Shapiro Fund
for Disaster Preparedness & Recovery

This fund supports Dr. Francine Shapiro's dream to give back to the underserved community at large when they need it most. We work not only to aid communities in times of tragedy, but also to help prepare them to meet the needs of individuals suffering from trauma after disaster strikes.

Our organization could not do this without the insight and generosity of donors like you. Your contribution helps us touch the lives of untold thousands.

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$50.00 ENElizabeth A. Duddy Navaretta
$50.00 ENElizabeth A. Duddy Navaretta
$500.00 ?Anonymous
$50.00 WBWilma Bass
$50.00 KCKathleen Corbett
$25.00 MAMartin Alster
$4,000.00 RDRoberta Dunton
$50.00 ENElizabeth A. Duddy Navaretta
$25.00 BFBlanche Freund
Gift made in honor of the efforts in Parkland
$50.00 ENElizabeth A. Duddy Navaretta