2021 Giving Tuesday Campaign

Thank you for visiting our Giving Tuesday Page. Your support is critical towards enabling us to accomplish our mission to increase the capacity for effective treatment of psychological trauma in underserved communities worldwide.

Did you know, at Trauma Recovery/HAP we train employees from non-profit and public sector agencies in EMDR therapy, at a lower than normal cost, so they can use EMDR with the population they serve? 

More often than not, the non-profits and agencies we train are helping the underserved, who otherwise would not have access to mental health services and EMDR therapy.

Like a nonprofit in Washington serving over 20,000 people per year struggling with substance use and mental health challenges. 

Or a Youth & Family Center in California working with young people to overcome challenges, such as homelessness, economic disadvantage, mental health disabilities, and histories of significant trauma and loss.

Your support this Giving Tuesday brings EMDR trainings to nonprofits and agencies like these, and in turn brings trauma healing through EMDR therapy to individuals in great need.

Please consider a gift of: 

$25 To provide a clinician our Kids & Teens Trauma Tool Set for working with children and teens
$50 To provide a clinician the EMDR Basic Training Manual
$129 To provide a nonprofit or agency unlimited access to one of our On-Demand Courses, such as "EMDR and Addiction"
$800 To cover the cost of 1 virtual EMDR Basic training, with up to 9 participants, for a non-profit or public sector agency providing mental health services

Your donation, no matter the size, makes a HUGE difference in the lives of real people!

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