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Dorothy Ashman - International World Changer

Created by Trauma Recovery, EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs

Dorothy Ashman - International World Changer

Please join us in congratulating Dorothy Ashman for receiving the International World Changer Award!

About Dorothy:

Dorothy completed her Master's in Psychology at Bucknell University in 1971, and then became involved with a yogic community and a back-to-earth lifestyle for 23 years, including owning a small health food store for 12 years.

After additional training and supervision, she became a Psychologist in 1994 and completed EMDR Basic Training in 1997. Francine Shapiro was her Trainer for Part 2, an inspiring teacher.

Dorothy has always been interested in the mind/body connection and fell in love with EMDR and how much better of a therapist she became when she began using it. The business she began, Bloomsburg Psychological Center, has grown over the years and has become known for treating trauma with EMDR. BPC currently has 12 therapists, two locations, and a therapy dog, and for the past year, has been seeing all of their clients solely through teletherapy.

Dorothy became an EMDR Facilitator in 2010 and facilitates at EMDR trainings, nationally and internationally.

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